The conference service that calculates the carbon emissions saved by meeting on the phone rather than travelling to meetings

Quick Start

Step One

Enter your e-mail to generate your PIN

Quick Start

Step Two

Share your PIN and dial-in number with your call participants

Quick Start

Step Three

At the agreed time, all dial in, enter the PIN, and start talking!

  • International dial-in numbers
    Green Call Number Country
    0820 4011 5619 Austria
    070 35 98 75 Belgium
    0848 207 424 Switzerland
    01803 002 057 Germany
    902 881 222 Spain
    0826 107 408 France
    0844 473 1000 UK
    0818 275 639 Ireland
    848 390 497 Italy
    0870 001 985 Netherlands
    0801 003 544 Poland
    0939 2022 215 Sweden
    213 289 3420 USA
    087 550 0665 South Africa
  • PIN reminder

    To get a reminder of your PIN, simply re-enter your e-mail into the sign-up form and it will be sent to you again.

  • In-conference Controls
    In-conference controls

    During a conference the following control keys are available:

    # = Skip Intro
    Skips name recording and PIN playback when joining the call
    #6 = Mute
    Mutes and unmutes your handset
    #1 = Head Count
    Reviews the number of people on the call
    #2 = Roll Call
    Replays the names recorded when the callers arrived on the conference
    #3 = Lock
    Prevents anyone else joining the call
    #8 = Record
    This allows you to record a conference
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Use your Carbon Certificate to:

Market your company's good green work

Win more business in tenders

Help with your carbon accountancy

Choose the plan that's right for you

Who is it for?

How do I use it?

What does it cost?


GreenCall Light

If you need to make free and instant conference calls with no booking, no billing, no fuss! Up to 80 participants per conference call.

You can sign up and start conference calling instantly. There's no contract, and you can have as many or as few conference calls as you like.

It's FREE! You just pay the cost of an 0844 call which is added to your regular phone bill.

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No commitment and no credit card needed.

As it Comes

GreenCall Standard

If numerous people in your company make conference calls or if you're going to have regular calls and need more numbers and extra features. Up to 1,000 participants per conference call.

Contact us and we'll arrange a solution for your company.

The accounts are free and you just pay for what you use.

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Easy payment method.


GreenCall Professional

Lawyers, accountants, engineers & bankers who need a first class, reliable and secure service any time of day every day of the year.

Contact us and we’ll get you a solution quickly.

Is at a fixed price and designed for people who’s time is more valuable than spent travelling.

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Easy payment method.

Plus receive these additional features:

  • Web conferencing
  • Low-cost access numbers in 15 countries
  • Call recording
  • Web conferencing
  • Low cost + free access numbers for mobiles and landlines in over 70 countries
  • Call recording
  • Unique carbon certificate
  • Web conferencing
  • Low cost + free access numbers for mobiles and landlines in over 70 countries
  • Call recording
  • Call reporting

How our costs compare

This is what you'd pay for a 1hr conference with 4 participants (using the standard 0844 shared cost number):

0800 009 3047
GreenCall £2.58
BT MeetMe £16.98

Unlike other conference call providers, we don't charge you a 'bridging fee' everyone just pays the same low-call rate

Instant conference calls

There's no need to book your conference calls. You can use GreenCall on demand, 24/7.

Unbeatable call quality

Unlike almost all conference call providers, most of our conference calls use the exact same fibre optic cabling as your landline.

So easy and cost effective that 98% of our customers would recommend us